the idea for this site germinated one day while i was sitting at work eating lunch. i had been browsing a particular merchant's page on amazon seeing if there were any old mass markets i wanted that i didn't already have at home. i saw a few but just couldn't recall whether it was sitting in the mess that is my bookshelves and i somewhat absent mindedly thought 'wouldn't it be great if i had a catalogue of all the books i had at home?'

from there the idea grew and mutated into what it is now: part catalogue, part reviews, and wholly unnecessary but fun to do ^_^

who knows, just maybe you'll find a new book to read while browsing?

ratings explained

total waste of time.. i want my mins/hours back!
not so terrible that i regret the time spent but would i read it again? probably not

liked it

ooh, good book!!

another cup of tea, please! i could re-read this all day!